Become a Fraud Detective - 10 June 2021

Become a Fraud Detective - 10 June 2021

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What you will learn:

  • Make fraud, corruption, bribery, and cybercrime easy to understand, and recognise where it is already impacting on you and your organisation.
  • Put into practice tried and tested recipes which help you to pinpoint examples of fraud and waste.
  • Learn to implement a fraud PreCrime approach which detects and removes fraud before it spreads.



  • Demystifying Fraud and Corruption
  • Types of fraud
  • What is the real cost of fraud in your organisation?
  • Who is involved, how and why?
  • Identify the parts of your organisation most vulnerable to fraud.
  • What kind of Fraud Detective are you? - are you Transactional, Technocratic, Intuitive or Holistic, or a mix?
  • Case studies and groupwork - can you spot the frauds? practice spotting the early warning signs in data, documents, and human behaviour.
  • Learn to out-think the opposition (think like a thief), anticipate and develop a fraud profile of those frauds to which your organisation is most exposed
  • How to resolve fraud fast
  • Ask us anything!


This course will be highly interactive, use realistic simulations, documents, data, as well as dramatic situations. Tutorial and mentoring sessions will be combined with cases studies, short assignments and online feedback sessions and assessments.

The goal: A practical course that provides skills which can be put into use immediately.